Is Wagamama allergy friendly?

Eating out 12.10.2021

By Liljia Polo-Richards

Over the summer months I spent some time understanding the restaurant market and how certain chains are perceived by the allergy or coeliac community.

Without mentioning any names, some of the larger chains out there don’t seem to have the best reputation… they either have too many strong disclaimers on their menu or they even ask their diners to sign disclaimers to eat at their restaurants (which by the way, is illegal!).

Not Wagamama. Wagamama seems to be consistently rated ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ on Allergy Companions, and to answer the question “is wagamama allergy friendly?” its a resounding yes, as they rarely ever gets any negative press on social media. Its move to pretty much be nut and peanut free has also been an incredibly smart move. Whilst they don’t classify themselves as having a 100% nut free kitchen, they are definitely close to it! And it’s paying dividends.

So what’s their secret and how can other chains follow suit? What Wagamama have done very smartly is to have a menu that appeals to pretty much to anyone- families, singles, vegans and, of course, coeliacs and allergy sufferers. Their menu is appealing and priced at the right level, you can pretty much turn up and immediately find a table. The staff are friendly and professional, and clearly well trained to deal with allergy and dietary requirements.

To sum it up, Wagamama seems to have got it just right. What other chains do you like and rate… and most importantly, why? Send us your thoughts on or send us your thoughts on social media. 

Please note: this is not an ad and not in anyway affiliated with Wagamama, we simply love them and are continually impressed by their attitude to diners with dietary restrictions