About Allergy Companions

Allergy Companions is a review site for anyone suffering with food allergies, intolerances or coeliac disease. We are here to make eating out with allergies easier and to give our community a voice.

Our story

Our little boy was diagnosed with a severe tree nut allergy when he was only 13 months old. To this day, we still struggle to easily find food venues that are able to cater for our dietary needs, which is why Allergy Companions was ultimately born.

Following a terrible dining experience, where a restaurant served our family a meal covered in nuts, we decided it was time to launch a website that would help the allergy and coeliac community, and positively influence an ever-growing market.

We want our website to be a celebration of all the businesses that truly care about allergies and take this topic very seriously. It is time to change the narrative.

Key facts

  • 120,000+ Food venues listed in the UK.
  • 20% People believe they have a food hypersensitivity
  • 650,000+ Suffering with coeliac disease.
  • 10% Of our annual profit donated to charity.

Let’s enjoy our meal!

Dining accessible to all

We are here to make dining out a happy and enjoyable experience for everybody. Food is one of the great joys in life. Nobody should be left out.

Your opinions count

We want your voices to be heard and businesses to showcase what they can do to cater for our community. Together is better.

One platform, one community

We are giving you one single platform where you can leave reviews and look for information, so you can find reliable and authentic information from people like you.
1.  Browse our locations

Browse locations for allergy friendly food venues. Plan your next special dinner, afternoon tea, pub lunch or even grab an ice cream, as suggested by our community.

2.  Find your next meal

Enjoy a stress-free dining experience, by finding venues that have shown great care to other diners with similar allergy concerns.

3.  Share it with our community

Write a review and help others find places to eat. By sharing your experiences, you are giving our community a voice and you are promoting venues that are doing a great job. Sharing is caring.

What makes Allergy Companions so special?

Allergy Companions is the one-stop-website for businesses that take allergies seriously, so customers can find suitable venues and brands that are proud to look after them.

Allergy Companions is first to market and is the platform where customers share their dining experiences. Reviews of venues highlight which of the top 14 allergens were avoided, and will also focus on the overall approach followed by a venue.

Allergy Companions knows how difficult it is to find information on businesses customers can trust. We are here to make everyday life that little bit easier.


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