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Allergy Companions started its journey as a review platform for people with food allergies and dietary restrictions at the end of 2021. Today, our consulting services help hospitality excel with their customers whilst meeting their safety obligations.

About our services

At Allergy Companions, we are dedicated to transforming the way your business approaches allergens and food allergies. We want to add real value to your organisation by bringing insightful perspectives on topics that truly matter to both your employees and customers.

We have acquired extensive experience and knowledge in the allergen space, enabling us to work with businesses seeking to go beyond mere legal compliance.

We focus on helping you excel with your customers whilst meeting your safety obligations. Our approach is balanced, carefully considering both the needs and expectations of businesses and customers.


How we can help

Our unique approach

We don’t just aim to educate your business about the top 14 allergens and safe meal preparation. Our approach involves working collaboratively with your organisation to deliver tailored insights and strategies. We focus on topics that resonate with your employees, enhancing their knowledge and skills to better understand and meet customer needs.

What sets us apart

We understand the challenges of living with allergies and are dedicated to helping your organisation connect more effectively with customers. Our goal is to stimulate meaningful discussions and encourage innovative thinking, empowering your staff to develop and implement solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and safety.

Setting a new standard

Leveraging our deep understanding of the daily challenges faced by individuals with food allergies or coeliac disease, we work closely with your organisation to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your allergen policy, allergen training programs, menu offerings, and overall customer experience. Our collaborative approach ensures that we identify areas for improvement and implement effective strategies to enhance your services.

Our mission

To facilitate a meaningful dialogue between the hospitality industry and consumers, ensuring that positive changes are implemented by businesses for all the right reasons.
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1.  Comprehensive consulting solutions

From engaging video production for staff training to interactive face-to-face sessions, and collaborative Learning & Development consulting, we provide tailored solutions to your needs.

2.  Insights for excellence

From mystery dining to focus groups and industry trends, we provide valuable feedback to identify and drive meaningful changes in your business.

3.  Workshops & conferences

From professional conferences, workshops and involvement in your Operational Forums, we are here to stimulate discussion, unleash solutions to common problems, and work alongside your organisation.

What’s Next for Food Allergy Management? Future Challenges & Opportunity for Hospitality

Following the wonderful feedback received last year, we are running our second joint conference with the University of Birmingham’s Food Safety Group.

This year, we aim to explore the current landscape of food allergy management and identify future challenges and opportunities for the hospitality sector.

Experts from various fields will come together to share insights, best practices, and innovative solutions to enhance food allergy management in hospitality settings.

Join us as we chart the course for the future of food allergy management in the hospitality sector. The day will be comprised of guest speakers, discussion groups and panels.

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