First time travelling abroad since my Coeliac diagnosis

Travel 25.08.2022
Budapest, Hungary

By Karam K.

This year, I went on my first holiday since my Coeliac diagnosis, and I chose the beautiful city of Budapest. I’d never been to Hungary before, and I definitely cannot speak a word of Hungarian, so I was extremely nervous!

For people with Coeliac Disease, eating out itself can be incredibly scary, and in a different country with a different language it can be even scarier. Even if something is labelled gluten free, it might not be safe for someone with Coeliac disease because of the risk of cross contamination – the oil might be used to fry gluten containing items, or the same equipment might be used for gluten and gluten free items.

Even a few crumbs can be harmful for someone with Coeliac Disease. For a lot of us, eating at home takes away the stress of being glutened, and for me, being glutened means feeling sick, being bloated and having awful stomach pains, and of course the long term damage to the gut. 

Flying to Budapest

The airport was probably my worst experience of being gluten free so far! Past security, your options are limited, and although there are restaurants with gluten free options, they all told me the risk of cross contamination was too high.

Luckily, I managed to find one gluten free option of an egg mayo sandwich in Boots. In future I’d take a packed lunch.Thankfully my experience in Budapest was mostly positive and I didn’t get glutened, thanks to the snacks in my bag and a Hungarian Gluten Free Restaurant Card (continue reading for more information on this).

My top tips

Here are some of my top tips for travelling with Coeliac disease abroad:

Thank you

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope it has given you some useful tips for travelling abroad with coeliac disease.

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Karam x