A Good® Story! My Story & Creating Good®

Brands & products Guest blog 12.05.2022

By Andrew Daly

Life is not about parallel lines, running smoothly without twists and turns. I have learned through my own experiences that we can have the best made plans, try to think of every possible outcome – then life intervenes. Life has got a way of pushing us up and pulling us down … it’s how we handle both that truly defines who we are.

Life before Good®, Fryday®

March 2020, I had spent two years creating a food business that had a flagship restaurant and multiple other locations. 7 days a week and a hugely passionate team; Fryday® was about fun, inclusion, great food and family.

Having spent 15 years building my career with major brands, I felt experienced enough to be able to add value not only to the business, but most importantly to our staff and customers. Working 7 days a week I would regularly be cooking, cleaning or engaging with our customers. Enjoyable – mostly!

Then coronavirus began … overnight, my restaurants closed, all staff & customers were self-isolating, initially for 4 weeks, then turned into 4 months. As a young business, we didn’t have the infrastructure to focus solely on e-commerce or capitalise on the changing demands from our customer base. We had several locations, some new, all with rents, rates, utilities and equipment that required paying – I was in trouble.

Over the course of the next 6 months, my world completely changed – my marriage collapsed, my family lost their home, I was declared bankrupt and homeless. Life as I knew it and had worked hard for was gone.

My goal in life has always been to provide a stable environment for my family – financially, emotionally and to ensure that my two boys (6 & 4) have options. I have a huge work ethic and I like to think that as a leader I lead by example.

During this period of turmoil, I had to survive, I had to demonstrate my resilience and belief that this was merely a bump in the road – a twist and change of direction. Of course, a huge hurdle was now in front of me, and I had to find a way to overcome it.

I didn’t want to give up on my dream, I wanted to work in the food environment – I love it, I love the joy that food creates and the moments we share with loved ones around the kitchen table. Being Irish, I know that the most important room in a house is the kitchen.

May 2022

While reviewing what worked and what didn’t work with Fryday®, it became clear to me that we had a large proportion of customers who had food allergies. Mainly Gluten, Dairy & Egg. They would travel hours to enjoy our food and felt passionate that they were catered for, most importantly, in a safe kitchen environment.

So Good® was born – over 6 weeks, with an idea, a concept, belief in my vision I set about creating a brand that offered fun, variety, authentic tasting food that could be loved by everyone.

I borrowed enough money from a friend to hire a car – which also became my home, a small office with a pull-out sofa bed and I began to work on what I believed could be a fantastic brand.

Over the course of the last 16 months, we have won awards and was recently named Free From Food Awards Start Up of the Year, we have grown a large UK customer base, launched in America and have an e-commerce platform delivering thousands of free from meal solutions, and are getting ready to launch some UK grocery products in 2022.

Our food range today

As we now ensure the brand keeps up with growing trends, we have developed a range of meal kits offering our customers full flexibility – vegan, vegetarian, traditional meat – following our Easy Peasy recipes, anybody can create delicious meals at home in 15 minutes. All meal kits have been created for use with an air fryer or shallow frying – with multiple recipes available – chicken, salmon, veggies, tofu – we exist to support our customer base and fit their lifestyle.

Personally, my life goals haven’t changed, my enthusiasm for life remains and my belief that we can achieve anything we want to – as long as we believe.

I’ve got two boys that need me to show them a path to a happy life.

I still drive the same car, just maybe one day I’ll buy a new one!

Andrew x
Founder – Good Its Gluten Free

Thank you

Thank you for reading Andrew’s story and hope you found it as inspiring as we did!

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